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Interior Resurfacing Idaho Falls

Stone Classic, Waterproof Floor

Custom Concrete Resurfacing specializes in Epoxy, Concrete Stain, and Stone look.

Our resurfacing solutions work amazingly for floors through a variety of custom fit products. Elite Crete systems is immensely better then floor paint, tile, linoleum, or carpet. We can seal cracks, waterproof your floor and create a custom seamless beautiful floor on concrete or any rigid floor. Call us today for a free consultation and quote.

Interior Floor Repair & Restoration

When we resurface your interior floors it creates a durable cure that is twice as strong as regular concrete. Unlike other flooring materials, our overlay coatings are seamless, resistant to mold, mildew, oil, grease, and pet accidents, and is industrial-strength. Our overlays are chip-resistant, and most chemicals have no effect on them. Create your custom interior surfaces today.

Interior Resurfacing - Decorative Concrete

Acrylistain floor with epoxy sealer

Beautiful Decorative Interior Floors

More than a stain, sealer or waterproof overlay, decorative concrete creates a coating with a texture, pattern, color, and finish of your choice. Imitate cobblestone, stone, brick, tile, granite and more for the right accenting styles, colors, and finish for your home. In addition, you can add decals or stencils. For instance, you can add stars, logos, compasses, etc… Remove eye sores and hazards by repairing cracks and spalled areas. Call us to take a look at color and texture options.

Interior Resurfacing - Reflective Flooring

Reflector flooring creates a unique look that is stunning and beautiful.

NEW! Reflector Flooring for wood floors to.

Reflection Flooring is our newest addition for interior resurfacing. Not just for concrete floors but can be applied on any solid wood or partial board floors. When REFLECTOR  Enhancer is added to our epoxy system it creates the look of molten metal. It comes in a variety of colors that can be mixed and matched to create a one of a kind floor. It’s an amazing look!!!

Affordable New Concrete Alternative

Rather than excavating, demoing, and then dumping damaged, worn, or defective concrete, resurface it! You can save time, money, and the environment by resurfacing your concrete instead of replacing it. Get the same results as tile, brick, marble or granite without all the time and effort. No grout means no stains and low maintenance. We also recommend applying our coating after new concrete is poured and cured.

Methods to Avoid:

Here is a rundown of decorative concrete methods to avoid in your basement.

Concrete Paints, Primers & DIY

The most common mistake we come across is concrete floor paint or do-it-yourself products being used on floors. To ensure your floors lasts we have time tested floor resurfacing systems. Unfortunately because improper preparation and inferior products these do-it-yourself products may have to be removed at an additional cost when they fail. As an alternative to concrete floor paint consider the Stone classic or Epoxy basement floor instead.

For Basements, Sealers / Waterproofing

Concrete sealers and basement waterproofing methods alone are not as effective. We offer crack repair and concrete resurfacing that protects and beautifies your existing concrete. The Elite Crete systems are especially good for basements. They are beautiful, easy to clean, and spill, mold & mildew resistant. Surface water will not damage the floor.

Interior Concrete Resurfacing

If you are looking for concrete interior resurfacing from Blackfoot to Rexburg then look no further than Custom Concrete Resurfacing (CCR). Based in Idaho Falls we are your source for garage concrete resurfacing, and concrete repair.


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