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Beautiful and Durable – Custom Concrete Resurfacing (CCR) provides beautiful and durable solutions for commercial and residential garages, basements, warehouses, food processing plants, hospitals, etc…

We have a variate of solid color epoxies.

We have a variate of solid color epoxies.

Concrete Garage Resurfacing and Interior Epoxy Restoration & Repair When we resurface your garage or interior concrete with our Reflector or HERMETIC Flake system it creates a durable surface that is tougher than the concrete being repaired. Unlike plain concrete the Elite Crete Epoxy coating is stain resistant, easy to clean and is perfect for all high traffic and high use areas. It is not affected by most chemicals and is chip resistant. Great for garage resurfacing and other surfaces in your home. Reflector has been installed in thousands of garages, business, restaurants and on solid floors all over the world for the last 10 years. Including the Dubai mall, Henry Ford Museum, Hair Salons, Sports Bars and Medical/clean rooms. It is Hermetically sealed with nowhere for bacteria to hide.

New: We now offer an epoxy that can go over wood floors!

Reflector garage floor

Reflector garage floor

Design Choice – Keep it simple with a high gloss solid color, flake system or step it up with Reflector liquid metal look. In addition you can add decals, or stencils. For instance you can add stars, logos, house numbers, compass, etc… Remove eye sores and hazards by repairing cracks, spalled areas, even removing inferior products. Take a look at color options.




Arugula restaurant 151 N Ridge Ave, Idaho Falls Enter on the Walnut St side.

Arugula restaurant 151 N Ridge Ave, Idaho Falls Enter on the Walnut St side.

Affordable New Concrete Garage Alternative –

Rather than excavating, demoing, and then dumping damaged, worn, or defective concrete; Resurface it. You can save time, money, and the environment by resurfacing your concrete instead. No seams means no stains and easy maintenance. We recommend applying our resurfacing coating after new concrete is poured and cured for 28 days.





Avoid Garage Paints, Sealers, Primers & DIY – The most common mistake we come across is paints or DIY products being used on concrete floors. To insure your concrete lasts we have a time tested product. Unfortunately because improper preparation and inferior products these product have to be removed at an additional cost when they fail.

Concrete Garage Resurfacing

If you are looking for concrete garage resurfacing from Blackfoot to Rexburg then look no further than Custom Concrete Resurfacing (CCR). Based in Idaho Falls we are your source for garage concrete resurfacing, and concrete.


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