Custom Concrete Resurfacing – Rigby, Idaho

Custom Concrete Resurfacing Rigby

Rigby, Idaho

Rigby, Idaho

Elite Crete’s concrete resurfacing is available for any indoor or outdoor concrete need. Elite Crete’s  system is layers of concrete protection that will make your concrete look better than new and can be decorated in many different ways and with different textures. We are Elite Crete’s Certified dealer in the Rigby area. Call us today at 208-535-8888 or 757-3829 (cell) for a free quote.

Indoor Services

Indoor surfaces are also one of our specialties. Does the garage floor need ? Are the kitchen counter tops cracking and wearing thin? We can restore them new again and ensure stronger durability. Again custom colors, styles and designs are available for your choosing.

Outdoor Surfaces

Has repeated use or the rough weather taken its toll on your driveway, sidewalk, steps, porch, or patio? At CCR, we specialize in concrete repair, restoration, and resurfacing. Not only will your outdoor concrete surface will look better than it did when new, but due to the five layer coating system it will become twice as strong and hold better traction than before. All with custom colors, textures, and designs of your choosing.

Custom Concrete Resurfacing Rigby, Idaho

Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

Other Services

We specialize in custom concrete resurfacing in Rigby, Idaho on several types of concrete surfaces. They include:

  • Inside Concrete Resurfacing

    Outside Concrete Resurfacing

    Concrete Resurfacing in Eastern Idaho

    If you are looking for concrete resurfacing in Eastern Idaho then look no further than Custom Concrete Resurfacing (CCR). Based in Idaho Falls we are your source for concrete resurfacing and repair in Eastern Idaho.

    Service Areas

    We offer our concrete resurfacing, and repair services, in the following areas in Eastern Idaho:

    Idaho Counties

    • Madison
    • Bonneville
    • Jefferson
    • Bingham

    Idaho Cities

    Call us today for a free at home quote: 208-535-8888