About Custom Concrete Resurfacing

When we moved to Idaho Falls we bought a house with a driveway that had some Spalling (where the top layer of concrete starts to flake off). When winter hit I used ice melt to clear up the ice. By spring the driveway had about twice as much Spalling.

My driveway before resurfacing.

My driveway before resurfacing.

I didn’t know ice melt was hard on concrete. I figured if they sold it in a local store it must be OK to use. After a few more winters, even after I stopped using ice melt, the driveway kept getting worse and worse. That’s when I found out that the city was putting ice melt on the streets. I talked to a number of friends and a few concrete professionals. They all said you can’t fix it, you have to tear it out and replace it. But, if you do tear it out and replace it there are three things you can expect.

Costs Associated With Replacing Concrete

  1. It will cost a lot of money and will be quite inconvenient.
  2. The problems will happen again sooner or later.
  3. No one offers a guaranty on concrete, there are just too many things that can go wrong with new concrete.

After getting some quotes to replace my driveway, I just couldn’t believe the cost. I also couldn’t believe that there wasn’t an alternative. Thus started a multiyear search until a friend pointed me to Concrete Technology, Inc. (CTi) and Elite Crete.

Benefits of Elite Crete Concrete Resurfacing 

  • It will cost significantly less then replacing concrete.
  • It will not happen again with the right maintenance.
  • More than twice as strong as concrete.
  • Beautiful decorative look like tile, stone or brick enhancing the value of your home.
  • Increase the curb appeal of your home.
  • Deicers, salts and most chemicals will not harm it.
  • Proven technology for more than 21 years.
  • Indoor/outdoors & even counter top solutions.
  • Able to add custom logos, numbers, designs, etc…

How we became Certified Installer/Dealer

I found out there wasn’t an installer in Eastern Idaho. The Elite Crete system diffidently isn’t a do it yourself system. Elite Crete has over 5000 installer around the world including very cold climates. I realized that we needed this system here. I called dealers in the Northeast and did more due diligence. At this time I was out helping the scouts put out flags. Riding with me was Nick Demitropoulos. We got talking and it turned out that Nick had worked in the concrete construction industry for many years. In fact, Nick’s father had worked in concrete for most of his life. He is now an inspector of concrete for the state. You could say Nick was raised on concrete.

We talked about the resurfacing system and Nick started checking it out. Pretty soon he was convinced that this resurfacing system was awesome and could solve a big concrete resurfacing need in Idaho. As a result Custom Concrete Resurfacing was formed and we became a Certified dealer for Eastern Idaho.

Choose Custom Concrete Resurfacing

Custom Concrete Resurfacing is here to provide the best concrete resurfacing solutions available. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We are here to make your experience a great one. We strive for an experience that you will recommend to your friends and family.

So don’t replace it, resurface it. Leverage our expertise, and call us today for a no obligation In-Home Estimate.

My driveway after resurfacing.

My driveway after resurfacing.

Bart Weaver, Owner